What to Expect from Therapy



Anyone can benefit from therapy.  All that is needed is an awareness of the need to grow and change, to seek relief from emotional misery, to strengthen one's capacity to love and work and play . 


Managing emotions is key to building a life worth living. Emotions fuel our words and actions, stimulate our thinking, and have information to give about the world within and the world around us.  Learning to skillfully engage our emotions directs this powerful energy into growth that can replace the unhealthy behaviors that keep us trapped. 


I use an ecclectic approach incorporating interpersonal therapy, psychodynamic therapy, family systems therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy,  dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), psycho-education, and skill building.


These strategies are attuned to the individual, their goals, and their progress in the therapeutic process.  Since each person is unique, the application of therapeutic principles has to be adapted to the individual.  In other words, the therapy has to fit the individual, not the individual fit the therapy.   


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