Fees for Services



            (60 minutes)     $160



    Standard session   (45 to 50 minutes)    $120

       Extended session   (60 to 75 minutes)    $135



        Standard session (60 to 80 minutes)     $145


Major credit cards and debit cards accepted.  Paypal accepted.

Some Sliding Fee Scale Services are provided, as described below in the FAQ section.




Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan:  There are many varieties of BCBS.  You can provide information to me and my professional billing services will verify coverage.  You also have the option of calling the phone number on your insurance card to ask if I am on their provider panel, 


Medicare:  I am an authorized treatment provider for Medicare. There are now many different versions of Medicare, so to verify coverage you may want to call the number on your card.  You can also provide your information to me, and my professional billing services will verify coverage.  


Other:  You may want to call your insurance company (look for phone number for Mental Health / Substance Abuse services on the back of your card) and ask if you have coverage for out of network providers.  Usually this requires a higher deductible and lower reimbursement, and for some people it is more cost effective to private pay for a set number of sessions.  I can provide you with a receipt for services which you can submit for reimbursement if needed.  

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know what type of therapy is right for me?

A good clinical assessment includes feedback and recommendations for treatment.

Somewhere between two and six sessions, enough information is exchanged for me to understand your needs and you to understand my therapeutic style.  A good match is needed on both sides.  If this isn't the right fit, I can make a referral and recommendations for you find the help you need.


Do you offer services on a sliding fee scale?

It depends on a number of factors; its OK to ask. 

Some appointment times are available at reduced cost.  Limitations on insurance coverage, economic disadvantages, and other impediments to treatment will be given consideration.

Requests are determined on an individual basis.


What is the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist, and clinical social worker?

All three can provide therapy, but training and services provided vary.

A clinical social worker focuses on understanding the individual in the context of their social, personal, and vocational environments.  Empowerment if a core value of treatment, and practical application of therapy is the goal.  The therapist is an active and engaged participant in the treatment session.

A psychiatrist has a medical degree and can prescribe medications; some psychiatrists provide only medication, many provide therapy along with medications.

A psychologist, in addition to therapy, may administer psychological testing for diagnosis or other purposes such as medical treatment, educational planning, or disability determination.

If the services of a psychiatrist or psychologist are needed, I am happy to refer you to colleagues that I know to be excellent professionals. 


Do you work with children?  

In family therapy children are often included in some or all of the sessions.

I have great respect for my colleagues who specialize in treating children, and will make referrals when help is needed.  While family therapy often includes children, but the focus is not on treating the child(ren).  Rather, the focus is on improving relationships between family members.


What if I have a crisis and cannot wait for an appointment or phone call?

Please call the numbers below for assistance or go to the nearest emergency room.

For life threatening emergencies, call 911.  

For emergency psychiatric help, call:

University of Michigan Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Services:  734 / 936 - 5900

St. Joseph Mercy - Ann Arbor:  Mental Health Services  734 / 712 - 2762


Where are you located?  

Downtown Ann Arbor, just one block from Main Street.

Offices are located above the Cloverleaf Restaurant on the corner of Liberty and Fourth.  

Look for the doorway between the restaurant and the Chelsea Flower Shop.


Where can I park?  

There is convenient parking within 2 blocks of the office.

 - Street parking: some meters accept credit cards and bills, some are coin only.

 - Parking structure on the corner of Washington and Fourth, enterance on Washington.

 - Underground structure between Liberty and William, with access ramps on Fifth and Division.  


Is your office handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, no.  

There is a full flight of steps between the door and the office.  This is an historic building; there are no handicap accomodations.  If you need handicap accessibility, please let me know so I can arrange for appointments in another location when possible.












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